Software for Clinical Research

Pathology Software

The GenASIs SpotScan application automatically analyzes FISH cells. While FISHView performs analysis on one cell at a time, SpotScan analyzes all cells in all fields of view. Within seconds, SpotScan is able to provide statistical analysis of all cells counted, showing the number of signals and other clinical data while classifying them into categories. Images, patient information and reports are managed by CDM, ensuring complete and accurate reference and documentation.

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Imaging and Diagnostics Software

SlideBook comes standard with drivers to control hundreds of instruments in and around the microscope. Online, data is acquired in a native-3D format over time, color and specimen locations in customizable experiment protocols. Offline, data can be analyzed by a wide variety of tools for image processing including mathematical operations, statistics functions, analysis scripting

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Genetic Clinics and Laboratories Software

iGene genetic database has been built from the ground up leveraging 20 years experience in the field. Utilising the latest web technologies and application interoperability, iGene is the premier choice for genetic clinics and laboratories.

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