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Vanquisher is offering fully fledged services for IT infrastructure services to its clients. Recognized both on local and regional markets since 2011. VTS is a pioneer in Interactive Virtual Teams (IVT) which enables the client and the service provider to establish instant and successful communication channels and support, thus keeping the deadlines on time and on track

Web Service

The creative team of Vanquisher is highly experienced in designing database, web based designs and applications, and also windows applications. VTS has a testing and analyzing team to analyze the software requirement for a particular Business. After developing the software VTS monitors the work flow of the software and rectifies it if required.

Responsive Design

Sometimes it can be difficult to get started on a new approach to designing and building websites, especially when dealing with Responsive Design and trying to break out of the mould.

Vanquisher - Complete & Popular Website designing & development company

Recent Works

VTS has mastered the art of web development that is focused on making elegant and functional websites, also web based applications.

Now-a-days infrastructure is under intense pressure to operate at the speed of business—that means being infused with the agility to adapt as quickly as customers and the market demand. Our services, solutions and people are helping companies around the world deliver what is most critical to their success—faster, better business. We call it Infrastructure that Accelerates Business.

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IT Strategy Consulting Services often sit at the intersection of business and IT, ensuring that your IT services are very much aligned with the business demands and future direction.We help you with practical and deployable solutions resulting in a business aligned IT strategy. By defining the IT strategy of your firm across all areas of the IT functions.
Working closely with clients, our consultants help your company define new innovative target operating models to drive the business transformations needed to achieve success. Our teams are global and our management consultants’ experience runs deep.

The monitoring and maintenance portion of our service is a remote IT service. This provides proactive IT support and managed IT Services covering server and software updates, data backup service, anti-virus monitoring service and maintenance, as well as firewall monitoring service. The program is designed to alert our highly skilled technicians of potential problems before they arise. We take personal responsibility for your network. Your organization will be assigned a dedicated IT services manager, a highly experienced, fully qualified on-site consultant (as needed) and a help desk technician.

Courses, workshops and corporate strategic planning simulations. Open or in-house courses. The main focus is on active learning based on actual products and training factories. Individual learning success is measurable and the rapid implementation of the course content in day-to-day work is a decisive quality feature. Total expertise with the "People-Technology-Organisation" model.

Goal definition

Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on acheving them.


Make the data in to a information, and information turns into data & data.


Dreams are Ideas, but, Implementation that dreams is hard work.

Our Clients

We offer reasonable Service Level Agreements (SLA) covering most of the additional maintenance services. With our 365 days per year support, we are making troubleshooting as easy as possible.